About Us

Challenge Precision is a company of strong heritage dating back to the 1940's. From a foundation shaped by dedication and innovation, Challenge has built itself as a recognized leader in manufacturing.

Through the years, Challenge has acquired the necessary equipment to provide customers with the finest in precision dimensional quality products. Challenge is recognized for its full range of high quality precision products, which includes angle plates, box parallels, V-blocks, straight edges, surface plates, and more. In addition to the standard line of layout and inspection products, Challenge will custom manufacture precision products to customers specifications.

The tradition of quality has set industry standards for over fifty years. This tradition was established with a dedication to consistently dependable, high quality products. Today, the tradition continues with every product bearing the Challenge name.

Each Challenge Precision product is backed by imaginative leadership, experienced workmanship, innovative technology, reliable service, and a steadfast adherence to the quality production of superior grade products.

A program of continual testing and inspection through all phases of production is accomplished by experienced people who take pride in their work. There is no substitution for personal dedication and commitment to excellence. This commitment has helped to achieve an outstanding record of performance, enabling us to offer very competitive pricing.

The combined advantages of time-proven methods of quality manufacturing and advanced technologies guarantee a quality precision product. These methods ensure your product will be manufactured at the lowest possible price and produced in the quickest amount of time.

The primary industries served by Challenge Precision are automotive, aerospace, tool and die, appliance, and machine tool manufacturers.