Challenge Precision Lapping Plates

These solid plates are used for deburring and fine lapping of metal joints for an oil-tight fit.

Small Rectangular


Both sides are precision ground flat within .001" overall. On the 8x8x1 size, one surface is smooth while the other has 1/16" grooves, ½" apart crossing at 90°

Size AxBxC Part Number Approx. Ship Wt.
3x5x¾ LP-030500H 5 lbs
8x8x1 LP-080801 20 lbs

4" Rectangular


Slotted angle plates can be used for rapid mounting fixtures for machine set-up, layout, or inspection. They are heavily ribbed for strength and rigidity. Sides and ends are machine finished.

Size AxBxC Part Number Approx. Ship Wt.
12x18x4 LP-121804 140 lbs
18x24x4 LP-182404 220 lbs
24x24x4 LP-242404 300 lbs
24x36x4 LP-243604 365 lbs



Inside-outside angle plates are versatile accessories which can be used to clamp and hold work in a vertical position for planning, milling, or drilling. Work can be clamped and rotated through several planes for measurement or machining without repositioning.
The slots allow work to be easily fastened to the plate, and the plate to a fixture base or machine bed.
The inside corner is relieved so that a 90° work piece can be nested flat and square against the inner edges.

Size DIAxC Part Number Approx. Ship Wt. Handle Part No.
(One Handle)
18x4 LR-1804 140 lbs P-469-1
24x4 LR-2404 220 lbs P-469-3